Photo Pin

€ 2.90

With Dreambooks you can create your own pins and display them proudly on your lapel. If you prefer you can also choose it to create a personalized gift.

Textile Mouse Pad

€ 9.90

Choose up to 5 photos and customize your mouse pad. You can choose a single photo or a collage of photos and complete it with a message.

Pencil Case

€ 12.90

For a birthday, Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, Dreambooks custom pencil case will be an excellent gift for any age.

CD Case

€ 9.90

If you are thinking of organizing the many CDs you have at home, you just found the solution. Select the photos and make the most unique design of your CD Case.

Desk Calendar

€ 10.00

Customizable with multiple photos, one month per sheet, all connected by a spiral. The desk calendars are available in different shapes and orientations. Printing on 300g couché paper.

Gaming Mouse Pad

€ 12.90

A mouse pad with the traditional dimentions, sometimes is restrictive. That's why, now, a new mouse pad is avalable!

Pocket Calendar

€ 12.00

You may need to check a certain date at any moment. Therefore a pocket calendar is one of the most useful objects in any wallet.