Photo Pin

€ 2.90

With Dreambooks you can create your own pins and display them proudly on your lapel. If you prefer you can also choose it to create a personalized gift.

Textile Mouse Pad

€ 9.90

Choose up to 5 photos and customize your mouse pad. You can choose a single photo or a collage of photos and complete it with a message.

Pencil Case

€ 12.90

For a birthday, Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, Dreambooks custom pencil case will be an excellent gift for any age.

Desk Calendar

€ 8.90

Customizable with multiple photos, one month per sheet, all connected by a spiral. The desk calendars are available in different shapes and orientations. Printing on 300g couché paper.

Gaming Mouse Pad

€ 12.90

A mouse pad with the traditional dimentions, sometimes is restrictive. That's why, now, a new mouse pad is avalable!

Pocket Calendar

€ 11.90

You may need to check a certain date at any moment. Therefore a pocket calendar is one of the most useful objects in any wallet.