€ 6.90

On the fridge, microwave or any other metal surface of your home. The Magnet looks good everywhere, especially if it is customized with the most beautiful photos.

Piggy Bank

€ 12.90

Choose Dreambooks Piggy Bank and customize your savings in an original way.


€ 11.90

The ceramic vase is not going to serve, just for tiny flowers! This is a solution than can be customized with photos and/or text, and used as a decoration item for the home, or the office.

Espresso Photo Cup

€ 12.90

Drink your morning coffee in a very special cup. expresso connoisseurs can now have their personalized Espresso Photo Cup.

Car sunshade

€ 9.90

Protecting your children from the sun will be much more fun with the Dreambooks Car sunshade.


€ 10.90

Customize the coasters back home with fun photos and surprise your guests with your original creations.


£ 13.90

Customized pillows, to dream and to enjoy! Join the confort and the decorations isn't a simple task, however, make it easier with the Dreambooks pillows, 100% polyester, smooth and comfortable surface, padding included.

Sports Bottle

€ 14.90

Create a customized Sports Bottle with your photos. Very practical and original the Dreambooks sports bottle is the ideal gift for children of school age and very useful for sports groups.

Heart shaped Cushion

€ 17.90

For a romantic gift or a simple show of affection choose the custom heart shaped cushion and surprise! The hardest part will be choosing the photos!

Photo Blankets

€ 22.90

Confort and originality are two of the main qualities of our photo blanket. Besides of being an original and creative product to decorate your room or livingroom its an excellent gift to offer in the special moments.

Polar Photo Blankets

€ 32.90

Our Polar Blankets, besides of the diverity of colours available and , texture they're excellent to warm the cold days and nights and, of course, add beauty to your home place.