Poster Calendar

€ 6.90

Besides decorating, the calendar poster is also very useful. It gathers together all the months of the year on one sheet, which makes consulting easier. With the calendar poster you may register all the important dates of the year without the risk of forgetting any of them. Printing on 300g couché paper.

Wall Calendar

€ 11.90

An object of decoration truly useful in any room of your house or office. You can choose between different shapes, orientations and number of pages. The wall calendars can be personalized with photos and text. Printing on 200g couché paper.

Desk Calendar

€ 8.90

Customizable with multiple photos, one month per sheet, all connected by a spiral. The desk calendars are available in different shapes and orientations. Printing on 300g couché paper.

Pocket Calendar

€ 11.90

You may need to check a certain date at any moment. Therefore a pocket calendar is one of the most useful objects in any wallet.